Welcome to Montana Square Dancing website!

This is your jumping off point for dances going on in the State of Montana. Hosted by the Dudes 'n' Dolls square dance club out of Great Falls we consistantly try to keep you up to date where to dance in the state. You'll find links to special areas such as Lolo and Billings MT. Also we want to keep you abreast of the special dances such as the Montana State Festival and the annual dance in West Yellowstone MT called the Knothead.

What to look for?

Updates - that's what keeps us fresh and relivant. So, how can you help? If you run a club in Montana and want to get advertised just click on contact us and fill out the form/question. We will work on getting your information posted as soon as possible. You are key to our success in promoting the best activity in the world! Meanwhile, lets get started browse around, check out some clubs - maybe even join our Blog - a new thing for me for sure.